The Sikk Team

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Dancehall music never stop and will never stop for now. Sikk Team the “Independent Team” as how the Sikk Boss Gary Tolan title his team, is on the rise to stardom, fame, and to the level of being a iconic figure in the genre of dancehall music.

The other day we had a Q & A with the Sikk Boss Gary Tolan about the Sikk Team to find out what’s going on with his musical team.

Q: What the Sikk Team is all about?

A: Well the Sikk Team is about music , all about music and unity.

Q: How did the Sikk Team came about?
A: Sikk Team was formulated in the month of November of 2013 when a group of artiste came together and did a single titled “Gaza Still”.

Q: Who are the members of the Sikk Team?

A: Well you have John D, Princess Tyh , Shaq1 , and Sikka Rymes the leader of the Team. As you can you tell the name of the group is Sikk Team and I got the Sikk from Sikka Rymes name.

Q: How has it been managing a whole music team?

A: Well not so bad I just have to pree Shaq1 cause him have too much woman and don’t intend to follow the terms of sharing lol; nah its great and also challenging, but I sure do love a healthy challenge.

Q: So what are the latest project out now?

A: Well so far you have the Sikk Team members on my Futuristic Era Riddim which is now on youtube and so be available on iTunes. Then you have the Kuminar Riddim which Sikka Rymes, Shaq1, and John D are featured on. We just conclude a medley video shoot for that riddim , the video was directed by Smike The Don so lookout for that video soon.

Q: We have to ask but why you moniker your team as “The Independent Team”?

A: Well basically we are not signed to any major labels cause we do have our own music labels which are Sikk Records and T.357 Music Group. You see now a days if you sit and wait on people to push your career you might reach old stage and dead, still be waiting in vein so why not use whatever resources I have and create my own so that I can help elevate these young individuals.

Q: So y’all represent the Gaza?

A: Gaza all day everyday, but don’t get it twisted we might rep the Gaza but you nah go catch us using that to generate an hype to get fame. Vybz Kartel is a man who has worked hard to build his career so it will be unfair to use the man hype to generate our hype. Work hard that’s the Gaza way , work hard on our own and push the talent to the level where people can see the authenticity of it.

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