New TV Show 876 HipHop

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876 HipHop is a Jamaican TV show based on local hiphop and its influences in Jamaica. the show was conceptualized and created by Wayne “smikethedon” Smikle along side  his business partner darien “efrenzy” brown and the host geezy b (who is a rapper) started filming episodes of the show in December of 2014.
The show as featured some of Jamaica’s most prominent rappers such as Macedon,TSD, Five Steez, Gully Cash and Kash Kapri to name a few. the show premieres local rap music videos and also entertaining Chyphers.

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876hiphop is a product of In house media follow them on instagram @876hiphop or visit the website.

also follow @smikethedon @efrenzy_ceo and @mostalented
on instagram for more updates.

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