meZmo whose real name is Garfield Russell a very promising young man born in the Garden parish of St. Ann to mother Claudette Archer and father Antonie Russell on the 28th of August 1986. He attended the Steer Town Primary and Junior High School where he was considered to be one of the most talented students as he took part in numerous dramatic events. At the age of twelve years old he was invited by his bigger brother (Amagana) to join him as his two colleagues (Chase and Popa Smurf) in their musical group then Called N.F.C (New Friends Crew) and he took on the name G3. Even at this tender age his charisma and easy going personality made him popular with both student and members of his community alike.

Is love for music followed him to Ocho Rios High School as many a times when he was not found in class his hide away was around the music room area. Even though broken by time the N.F.C still stayed strong Writing lyrics and performing at concert in and around there community. These four young men grow a reputable name with their pairs. Unfortunately one member desided to move on to other things, this took a toll on the group as they planned to reach stardom together. Now remaining members Amagana, popa smurf and G3 decided to change the name of the group from N.F.C to Stayn Crew, because the significance of the name was no more and they had mature to a level where they considered themselves the stigma.

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In starting fresh the musical trio experienced another change as G3 the lead singer took on the allias meZmo. He started seeing himself as a magnetic hypnotic force that drew his audience. He had an effect he could not explain other than to embrace it through his name change. Rooted in their dancehall and reggae music, they embark on their musical journey. They continued performing at concerts all over Jamaica until they lost another member of the group (papa smurf). Not long after meZmo and amagana desided to be solo performers bcuz they were going in different directions eith their career.

meZmo influenced by Peter Tosh, Beres Hammond, Bounty Killer and the great Bob Marley, Continued writing his music, composing and producing some of his songs. While produces songs for many other artiste also. He gets a lot of love from the radio station both locally and overseas (with singles like honest road, clean bad feat kallyba from new york, chilling feat Pryme Tyme from New Jersey and his most recent titled My Way) stretching his talent to listeners worldwide.

He his set on a career path and found that the only limitation or difficulty he faced was finding honest and focus people to work with. He aspires to be one of the greatest dancehall/reggae artiste and help to bring the music that is coming out of Jamaica to the fore front. 

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