Lisa Hyper – My Man Dat / My c**ky Dat Lyrics

(Pre Chorus)
My man that
Tell a gyal seh a my man that

My man that
Tell a gyal seh a my man that

Woii, my man that
All dem a gwaan my man that

My man that
Mi tell a dutty gyal a my man that

No matter how much gyal the man a lose
Or how much gyal a lose
Mi seh a my man that

Nuh matter how much gyal a call
Dem body a get stall
Cause a my man that

Cause when mi one drop pon that
Mi seh when mi sink in fi mi back
Some gyal a baby to the thing
Me nuh need no ring
Cause a my man that

(Verse 1)

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Mi chain the man like a pitbull in a mi back yard
Fi mi body, fi mi man nuh ramp fi watch that
Gyal a walk a claim wife fool
But dem a wife fraud
Nuff a dem gyal deh, nuff man no see God
Sweet summer sweet good wuk fi mi honey Da man deh a mine suh no gyal cyaa tek him Balance paw mi head, fi mi body a him party
Love mi like how Addi love Shorty

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Touch hi start it cyaa over
Gimmi drunking love when yo sober
DIlly dolly like car over Dover
And mi naw go fraid fi roll over
Hey, a my love him give the winnings
Caw mi right yea from beginning
A gyal dead yeah nine night singing
Him just a get touch fi shillings

(Repeat Chorus)

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