Gary Tolan Thoughts About Sikka Rymes And The Sikk Team

Sikka Rymes music I want everyone to understand and fully see this young man true artistically potential. See I’m a man who actually LISTEN to music, listen word for word and line for line. 

I listen to the story the song is telling me and I just go along with it to generate the full concept. Sikka Rymes is a young and talented musicians who I see really take his craft seriously. 

As a manager I play 40 percent of a standing meditation factor ; Sikka Rymes as many of the greats in the music business don’t write his songs so many of times I have to be putting in the work cause I help medz most of his lines to his songs. 

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With Sikka Rymes such as Vybz Kartel and Shawn Storm do believe in perfection so when medzing time start just know all fun and jokes are well put aside until the work has been concluded. Sikk Team we are totally different and as leaders both me and Sikka has to be on point as authentic roll models to encourage the rest of the guys that no matter what; the future is theirs for the taking. 

I’m just a humble brother who believe in all my artistes , I believe in Sikka Rymes, Shaq1, Princess Tyh , and John D because they’re a set of unique young people who are just totally dynamic by all standards in life.

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