Hail to the King - Single

CAMHAJ – HAIL TO THE KING – Vodoo Castle Edutainment

Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

CAMHAJ - HAIL TO THE KING - Vodoo Castle Edutainment



Dancehall Reggae selector turn artist CamhaJ has release a single called “HAIL TO THE KING” produced by Vodoo Castle Edutainment.”A tribute to Rastafari and its iconic figure head  Haile Selassie.hail to the king tells a simple story of everyday life of those who go through struggles and will not submit or give up the beauty and simplicity of life.

The title hail to the king is not a sexiest account of Rastafari but artist camhaj is clear that queens give birth to kings.

This debut single is mixed with a classic sounding studio one type hook and a mother day flow so as to bridge a generation gap.The first step of a long journey has begun.

To those in music land welcome to the musical space of camhaj.”

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