Book : Philida by Andre Brink

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“This is what it is to be a slave: that everything is decided for you
from out there. You just got to listen and do as they tell you. You
don’t say no. You don’t ask questions. You just do what they tell you.
But far at the back of your head you think: Soon there must come a day
when I can say for myself: This and that I shall do, this and that I
shall not.

In Philida, longlisted for the Man Booker Prize, André Brink—“one of South Africa’s greatest novelists” (The Telegraph)—gives
us his most powerful novel yet; the truly unforgettable story of a
female slave, and her fierce determination to survive and to be free.

is 1832 in South Africa, the year before slavery is abolished and the
slaves are emancipated. Philida is the mother of four children by
Francois Brink, the son of her master. When Francois’s father orders him
to marry a woman from a prominent Cape Town family, Francois reneges on
his promise to give Philida her freedom, threatening instead to sell
her to new owners in the harsh country up north.

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Here is the
remarkable story—based on individuals connected to the author’s
family—of a fiercely independent woman who will settle for nothing and
for no one. Unwilling to accept the future that lies ahead of her,
Philida continues to test the limits and lodges a complaint against the
Brink family. Then she sets off on a journey—from the southernmost
reaches of the Cape, across a great wilderness, to the far north of the
country—in order to reclaim her soul.”

https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/philida/id907058934?mt=11&uo=6&at=10lIUc&ct=" target="itunes_store">Philida - Andre Brink
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