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Blac Blayde is formally known as Mervin Alric Baker, originally hailed from the community of Roaring River Steer Town.

Blac Blayde signifies literally triumph…such as the samurai’s blade of Gangis Khan, the Sword of the great Hanibal Barker from carthage Africa,

who had the romans to their knees , leunitus and his three hundred warriors who held of the Persians, the sword of David .. this blade represents no fair, sharp assertiveness, victory and good over evil.. blac blayde community has grown violent in many ways an how ever with his passion for music and enthusiasm to implement change, therefore with such vision he and other individuals formed Linkage Music.

Linkage is the operative word which signifies working together to achieve a unit goal.. As an Artiste Blac Blayde is a D Jay who’s style of delivery can be considered as aggressive, with a twist of melody, projecting positive lyrics and vibration…for all to fulljoy

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