B.I.D Sound: Wins The Rude Sevens Clash Burial Ground Pt.1

Swiss Dancehall / Reggae (Back Inna The Days) B.I.D won the Rude Sevens Clash Burial Ground Pt.1.

The clash was promoted by Deebuzz Sound & Topatop Promotions in Mannheim Germany at RUDE7 Club on Saturday may 2, 2015

The war was between B.I.D (Switzerland) & Sting Like A Bee (Germany).

was balanced until the dub fi dub, both sounds had their moments. The
dub fi dub was the only way to decide the dance, B.I.D dominated in the
dub fi dub”
, said a member of B.I.D Sound.
B.I.D – Mister T, Sergent, Moral, Bobby, Frakass, Jacky Chin, Kalo
Warm up & host: DeeBuzz Crew

1. Round – 10 min (Introduction)
2. Round – 15 min
3. Round – 10 min
4. Round – 10 min
5. Round – Dub fi Dub (best of 10)
100% Dubplates – No Rules


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