Zani Ram$

Ramy “Zani Ram$” Vangu was born 25 years ago in Lausanne, Switzerland. The Swiss rapper found his way to rap when he was 11 and started writing his first lyrics and from that time to 2011.
Zani worked on his passion by performing in local festivals and collaborating with other swiss rappers and beatmakers.

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In 2011 Zani Ram$ releases his first mixtape « Hefty Black
Sauces : Volume 1
 » which includes 16 songs produced by Vincent Triponez from Studio 52-9 in Lausanne and many featurings with Cueto Barrio, Kro2s, B-Jee, Maso and more… The year after the Swiss rapper meets Kenyon (ECK, France) with whom he records a song produced by the successful and talented beatmaker Tangerino. 
However, as Zani is more and more active in his music, he creates a collective with his friend Kro2s in 2013 called Hefty Blacks and releases singles from his second solo mixtape « Hefty Black Sauces : Volume 2 » like Riches and Chimie which received a lot of success in Switzerland. 
Determinated, sensitive and sophisticated in his lyrics, Zani Ram$ brought what Swiss rap was missing: loud beats with thoughtful words and we want more to hear from this talent who is yet certainly not fully revealed.

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