Warrior Chief Productions CEO Calls Young Deejay Maestro Don Ungrateful

Dane Nelson calls young deejay Maestro Don ungrateful.

Dane Nelson, CEO of Warrior Chief Productions, is now addressing Maestro Don’s departure from the record label.

According to the champion jockey, he has always tried to give a strength to individuals from his Waterford community. He added that he has no bad feelings towards Maestro Don, but wanted to set the record straight.

“Me and Maestro come from the same place so me always want make sure say the yutes dem alright. I have been investing in his career since 2011, and later when I got married, my wife, Tashamay, took over the business side of the company. Maestro Don basically dropped himself from the label because he is ungrateful and has no loyalty,” Nelson told sources.

He continued to say he has never collected any money from Maestro’s burgeoning career, but has invested his own money and resources into making him the artiste he is today.

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“He is unprofessional and has poor work ethics. I don’t need Maestro Don, I am a champion jockey. I was just trying to help him out. My wife told me that I can’t ‘friend’ out the thing and that we must put a contract in place. From we show him the contract, him start move skeptic and move different,” he said.

Nelson said that Maestro Don wanted to get a second opinion from other individuals about the contract, which he had no problem with.

“Maestro Don is not a dunce, him read the contract and say it good, but him want show him uncle and somebody who have more knowledge of the industry. Me nuh have no problem wid dat. But, up to one week after that him no say nutten back to we. That mean him drop himself from the label and move on. Where were these people when me a spend my money from 2011? I got a contract to go to Canada and Trinidad and I turned it down to stay here and defend my title. I don’t need him,” he said.

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Nelson’s wife, Tashamay, also repeated the same story, adding that Maestro Don was lazy.

“Him don’t have any drive. He’s lazy. I got a publicist for him, got him on RJR Cross Country, and got him two official videos. I even planned a surprise birthday party for him last year. So it look like a dem things deh get to him head. We have never collected any money from him. We don’t need him. He needs Dane,” Tashamay stated.

She went on to say that he is a talented artiste and wishes him the best in his future endeavors.

“We are moving on. We recently signed a new artiste by the name of Nashinal and we are also promoting artistes G7 and Dre Don,” she stated.

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