“The Government of Jamaica (Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller): Do Not Give the Roaring River Water Shed to China”

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China has petitioned the Government of Jamaica for parts of the whole of the 800 acre Roaring River Water Shed area in St. Ann (adjoining Dunns River) as payment on loans which the People of Jamaica had no say in.

These lands are sitting on one of Jamaica’s most important Limestone Plateaus and provide water for the Hydro Electric plant at Laughing Waters, Steer Town and Chalky Hill and other areas of St. Ann.

China aims to build on these lands (resort or China Town) and in so doing will upset the entire water system in the Rio Bueno Water Shed Management Unit. 

This will undoubtedly result in serious environmental problems for St. Ann and Jamaica and seriously disrupt the ability of the Government to provide adequate water supply to thousands of Jamaican citizens.

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