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Ronny Ink, a young Swiss artist, started working 3 years ago.As drawing always used to be his passion, it was not difficult for him to follow the advice which was given to him as he was getting his own tattoo: becoming himself a tattoo artist so that he can get money and eventually live from what he loves most.
Ronny Ink Tattoo
Ronny Ink
As Ronny decided to start his business, he learned the tattoo technics like realism and watercolor (which are his favorite) by himself with the help of his friend… From there, his success took place very fast and he’s already made his name in the Swiss movement. 
You want to get on your own body a piece of art with his signature?  You will have to wait ! 
Ronny ink has become so popular that it takes several months to get an appointment but still very humble he will tell you that “he loves his job because he enjoys the styles diversity which evolves constantly” . He also says he “learned how to communicate and open himself more with the others”.He tries to “understand the person so that he can realize something unique for every one”.But the best for him is to “see the person smile as he/she sees the result knowing that this person will wear my creation all of his/her life …”  and finish with telling us that he is “full of idea and want to evolve even more day after day”.
To summarize, you should see what he does:

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