Rastafari Bad Friday Coral Gardens Massacre 11 April 1963.Jamaica

Irina Mossi Love Detective

In the world “Good Friday” is a day to celebrate Jesus Christ  but in Jamaica for the Rastafarian it a day they called “Bad Friday” because off the attack on Rasta in coral garden Montego Bay Jamaica by the government and there security forces (police/military) 11 April 1963. 
days later the Daily Gleaner led their news coverage with four articles under
the heading “8 killed after attack on gas station.  Two policemen, three Rastafarian among the
And by 10:00 am on that fateful
Holy Thursday morning, RJR (then Radio Jamaica and the Re-Diffusion Network,
now Radio Jamaica) reported the following: 
“Three people are now known to have died in this morning’s uprising by
Rastafarians in Montego Bay”.
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