Lisa Hyper Warns Vanessa Bling On Instagram

It seems their is a beef between former Portmore/Gaza Empire members Lisa Hyper and Vanessa Bling, following an Instagram video in which Lisa Hyper sends a sound warning to the singer.

Last week Lisa Hyper posted a series of short videos on her Instagram page seemingly aimed at Vanessa Bling, who also goes by the name Gaza Slim.

“A first mi ever a do a straight forward Instagram video ’cause mi haffi talk up di tings dem,” Lisa Hyper said in the first video that was followed by two others.

“Wi neva run out of lyrics and melody. See the five years you get with Adijah Palmer, dat is nothing. Mi know him from mi a five so learn more than you idiot gal. Know weh you a do and know how you a throw word. Remember a me dis, right? Never change. Don’t mek dem fool you.”
However, when contacted on Tuesday about the what sparked the video, Lisa Hyper said she already said all she wanted to say.

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“If me did have anything else fi seh, mi woulda put it inna di video. You know weh mi have fi seh, mi have a song name My Man weh ago tek 2015,” she told sources.

Despite the posts, Vanessa Bling is yet to say anything on social media about the incident. And even when contacted by THE weekend Star, she did not want to speak about the matter.

“I don’t want to talk about that. The first time I remember seeing that girl was in 2012 and I never see her again,” she said.

Lisa Hyper is currently work on new singles soon to be release. keep up to date with her on Instagram @Lisa_hyper

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