Jason Ford  aka Jmovemence

If you are moving on the right musical train then you need to get on Jmovemence’s  coach. This lyrical driver is bound to keep his passengers shouting for more.

Jmovemence, a household name in Thompson Pen, Spanish Town, is creating waves on every single stop he makes around the island.

This prolific song-writer, with five great releases, is grabbing the attention he needs to push his career international.

His releases are “Come Back” on the Phoenix Dynasty Recording Label, “Hard Times” produced by Fyahstumpy Production, “Mammy Prepare” a N.T.P.(Natural Talent Production) recording label, “Heights of Love” from Recording Label Rasta Camp  and ‘Ride With Me” for High Stakes Records Recording Label.

Born in Thompson Pen, Spanish Town, with the birth name Jason Ford, Now popularly known as Jmovemence he started out like most young entertainers beating desk and singing during recess at Tredegar Park All-Age School.

At Jose Marti Technical High School, Jmovemence started a quartet which would sing-jay- mostly cultural and clean dancehall lyrics, much to the amusement of their fans.

The four schoolboys would hurry from school in the evenings to visit Mr. Wong (a producer)  at a recording studio in Garvey Meade, Portmore. There they would sample some of his best rhythms. They recorded a few songs but these were not released.

During weekends the members not only visited recording studios but did a few stage shows- mainly in Spanish Town and Portmore communities.



The group made a split when they graduated Jose Marti , and Jmovemence driving force for music led him  searching for more links. This took him to Half-Way-Tree where he made stops, for example, at Tremor House Recoding studio.

The producer at Tremor House gave Jmovemence  a rhythm track after he was auditioned . The young sing-jay also made links with N.T.P. and Phoenix Dynasty records and One Love Family Production. The producer found Jmovemence a very talented lyricist with unique melody and allowed him to voice several singles.

By 2004, Jmovemence was well recognized in St. Catherine performing on several stage shows including Spanish Town Jamboree and Spanish Jerk Fest. He easily gave his fans more than what they had expected.
Jmovemence became a talk on the streets as one of those young artistes who would one day become an international star.

For now, Jmovemence having caught the eyes of VP Records who are interested in releasing an album with some four tracks is extend his musical routes.

Jmovemence hopes this will give him his well- earned position to break from the local to the international market where he is able to do collaborations with artistes like Wyclef Jean.

For more info contact: Jmovemence at 471-6046
Email: Jmovemence@ymail.com

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