Izajah Korianda BIOGRAPHY

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Izajah Korianda a.k.a Izah Soundmaad
Izajah Korianda was born Mthuthuzeli Cuba in township of Gugulethu in Cape Town South Africa during the state of emergency. His single mother drove him to church where he was forced to join the choir. As much as it was forced on him, it was not long before he fell in love with the music. 

He was sent to boarding school in his late teens and this is where he met his 1st rap crew 5th Floor an underground house hold name in Cape Town at the time. The crew dropped a project entitle “attention to Detail”.  After a few years with 5th Floor, hip hop introduced him to the Rastafari faith and way of life. 

This way of life then introduced him to reggae and dancehall music and he has been hooked for life. He dropped his 1st project last year entitled “Icuba Labathwa”, a Xhosa term meaning The Smoke of the ancients, Ganja. He printed only a 100 of these copies and sold every one of them. He was recognised at the South Africa Reggae and Dancehall awards and picked up the album of the year for 2014. 

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This is a multi-talented artist who is also a film writer/ director at Gravel Road Entertainment group. South Africa does not have a reggae or dancehall industry as yet, so all that Korianda does is self-funded, promoted and distributed. His music deals mostly with social ills, norms and the day to day stories that the township provides. You can find his music on You Tube


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