Foota Hype & Skatta Burrell On Magun Kings And Queen A Tense Moment

Dancehall selector Foota Hype made appearance on Magnum Kings and Queens competition last week was probably the biggest viewer ship the show has ever seen.

The veteran sound system selector was a guest judge on the show but which resulted in some tense moments due to his beef with judge Skatta Burrell.

Foota and Skatta were involved in a love triangle with the selectors baby mother and Downsound Recording artist Ishawna.

Things reached a boiling point when contestant Devin di Dakta performed a song where he made references to the trio.

During his assessment, Skatta Burrell shout out to Ishawna and addressed a critical part of the drama.

“Big up Ishawna Downsound artist making real strides in music right now,” Skatta said. “Ishawna was single when we smash.”

Skatta also commend the contestant for a good performance but jokingly says he hope that he gets voted off the show.

As a precautionary measure a security guard was present on stage in case of a brawl.

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