DJ Foota Hype Throws Huge Baby Shower For His, New Baby Mother

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Dancehall selector Foota Hype threw a huge baby shower for his new lady yesterday. The controversial selector is expecting his second child with his new girlfriend. he already has a son with ex-fiancé Ishawna, however, this time around he is expecting a daughter.

Camellia Walker, the sister of Foota Hype’s girlfriend, this is the first child for her sister, and the selector is pulling out all stops to make the experience memorable.

“I have twins, but I am very excited. It’s going to be a baby girl and the excitement is like a dance keeping. Foota Hype told her that he was taking her out to an event so the shower is a surprise,” she said.

While being tight-lipped about certain details about the couple’s relationship. Walker also revealed that Foota Hype was a good brother-in-law.

“He is a nice individual and always supportive right through the pregnancy. He always goes to the clinic with her and he is the total opposite to what some people perceive him to be. He takes her to the movies and stuff like that and he is just generally there for her. The moment is very special to him because now he has a pair since he already has son,” she said.

The baby shower was held at Auto Vision located at 8 Hill View Avenue, Kingston 10, and saw a large turnout.

Foota Hype and his fiancé separated in March of 2014, after news surfaced that she slept with co-worker / producer Skatta Burrell.

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