BoBo Smith Entertainment.
The Date of December 15.1977, was the day Damian Smith was born in Kingston Jamaica, as a little youth. Mr. Smith was well known for being talented; in his community from the age of 8, as a little youth, he used a fishing line to find the rhythm, as Mr. Damian would say, “guitar sound”.Mr. Damian attended The Hope Valley Experimental after Hope Valley Experimental Primary, he attended Vauxhall Comprehensive High School, Windward Road.  After that, Damian got his initial trade as a mechanic and also selling pillows with his mom. 

The hard work and perseverance pushed and motivated him to find music right where he linked with Sizzla, His preliminary single was What Life Has taught I! Mr. Smith decided to pursue music, film and photography he received his first recognition in 2005 for working on a charity in his community. Mr. Smith throughout the years has received numerous awards like Graduating From The University Of West Indies he also was recognized for his film Secretly Scorn it is associated with UWICSP Film Section Unit; it is focused on the stigma about Hiv currently being shown to tourist and students visiting Jamaica only. The start of BoBo Smith Entertainment has been very positive and uplifting he is meanwhile working on his new CD on Kalonji Records Its called” They Got A Stigma To Hurt The People. He is also a part of Judgment Yard, and he is the official photographer for the artist Sizzla and works with Mr. Kalonji’s youth foundation he has worked internationally and locally some of the companies he has worked with are Kariang Records,  Max Productions, Dis and Dat. Productions, Carry On Records, Arch Angel Productions, August Town Hermitage Youth Club, and also Sizzla Youth Foundation, Jamaican Constabulary Force, Black Magazine, The Bobo Smith Entertainment Brand is a beneficial one to look out for.

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