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Auto Biography of Jahmeel Morgan “The Nashinal” 

Jahmeel Morgan other wise known as “The Nashinal” was born on March 15, 1992 at the Spanish Town Hospital. He is currently from the community of Gordon Pen (monkey town) in the parish of St.Catherine

As for those who don’t know Jahmeel’s parents, Paulette Muir also known as “Lady P” and Orville Morgan also known as “Johnny P” who are both veteran artiste in the music business which meant that Jahmeel came from a musical background.

Jahmeel attended the Gordon Pen Apostolic Basic School, the Eltham Park Primary School moving on to the Eltham High School. While attending high school he was always involved in lyrical confrontations with other artiste in school. However Jahmeel once moved on to the National Youth Service Program where served six months as an Administrative Assistant carrying out office duties.

He then started doing music professionally when he met with King Nefty and One son who had a small studio within the community. After being influenced by other artistes, he soon recorded his own called “Bun who fi bun” which was a counteraction to his mother record called “bun weh fi bun” when it was released to the public they liked the song so from then on he continued and became more confident in his music.

So from there on Jahmeel became more popular within his community, performing at stage shows and popular events which were held within his community and other areas such as Black Bling Thursdays, Dutty Fridays and other events. As he became more and more determined to do music he currently recorded singles such as “All of a sudden” produced by K20 records, “Nah sponge” produced by Crush A lot production and most recently “Clean fi the summer” produced by Magnolia Muzik which is hitting the air ways.

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