Protoje – Answer To Your Name – LYRICS

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Like to tell you a story about a girl I know

Or should I say a girl I used to know

1971 inna England

Fresh off the plane to my dame inna Brixton

No, she never ask ’bout flight

Two month now no telegram write

Hey, she send taxi fi I

She gone a some house party tonight

So call me artical like

Make a few call get a couple invite

Inna the place me gone

Never leff Yard from the day me born

Right up front who me staring pon

You can tell say a she by the way she gwaan

Christine, Christina, Crystal

Try all a dem and she still never respond

Understand, catch a pree from a distance

Man hand gone inna pants fi a six-pance

Whoa! Tuff guys beside her

She naa reply when I say hi to her

So dem go try bring violence in the parr

Need I remind these kind that I nuh war

So me turn fi walk away

But a likkle voice in my head start talk to me

Tell me walk right pass her

To the sound, take the mic and ask her

Girl! Why don’t you answer to your name?

Girl! Why don’t you answer to your name?

And girl I know you see me

And you know I see you too

So what is it gonna be

Tell me what you wanna do

What’s with this great mystery

After all that we been through

Now you’re refusing to look my way, eh

My likkle darling

Know she stay so from morning

Where she grew was appalling

Want fi make it right so she take the flight

Heard the city lights calling

From the day she been crawling

All she hear bout is foreign

Say we a keep the link

Now wah me fi think see the plans dem sinking

Deep, new year reach

Accent gone pon all part a you speech

Don Gorgon dem u waa fi go meet

Like she be the real topanaris a street

Please, watch how me calmness a do it

Naa bat a lid, as a morning I leave

But how me fi walk right pass you miss

Haffi look inna you eye and ask you this

And I know you know what I’m talking about

Girl see you in the crowd and act like she don’t know

But me naa take no stylin’, no punkin’ or no joke


Girl why you dweet (Girl why you dweet!)

Girl why you dweet (Girl why you dweet!)

No it no sweet (No it no sweet!)

No it no sweet (No it no sweet!)

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