Masicka & Ishawna – Answer Me Lyrics

Da f**k yah suh special
Pu**y yah suh priceless
Mi c**key tougher than a metal
Yo pu**y a the tightest

Down and a bruk it off
Nipple dem yo s**k it off
F**k yah nuh normal
Feel it to mi heart

Mi a push and you a scream
Breast stiff, yo pu**y clean
Ishawna feel it to mi heart

Push it in and question you same time
Tek it out and a wait fi you answer mi

Bruk it off and a question you same time
Quint the pu**y and a wait fi you answer mi

A my pu**y yea, yea a my c**key
A my pu**y don’t bloodclaat geet weh

A my c**key yea, a my pu**y yea
A my c**key don’t bloodclaat geet weh

(Verse 1)
Grip mi like you waan troke mi to death
Pu**y full a grip and you soaking wet
Mi born bless, a gold in deh
A pretty baby would a born if mi come in deh yea

Mi c**k it up high fi yo stab it hard
Wa this lord? What a pu**y fat, what a batty broad
F**k mi meck mi scream out
Naw kotch a nobody yard
Feel how mi pu**y wet, feel how mi c**key hard

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Wine up pon the tip a the c**key
Yo pu**y so tight
Da wi meck yo come quick
Mi waan fi f**k yo whole night

Oh my, mi love da pu**y yah
Don’t lie
Mi don’t shy, bend over c**k it up so high

Pu**y deh a mine alone
C**key deh a mine alone
Need fi spend some time alone

When I’m alone
Mi a wonder if you geet weh
A your c**key gyal seet deh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)

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