Irina Mossi Love Detective

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She likes Orgy Parties, Pudding and Pie,
She don’t want to be no Bonafide,
She don’t want to be in love with no Guy,
She don’t want to be the one to Cry, No


She don’t want to be nobody’s girl,
She don’t want to be nobody’s girl, No
She wanna do what she wanna do,
Wanna go where she wanna go,
How she tan so,


Yea, Love is Strong,
This girl took the heart of King Kong,
Have the Gorilla a push har inna Swing Song,
Have me inna the studio a sing Song,
It is her Addiction, Start war then abort the Mission,
Can’t choose so she made a decision,
To move from hand to hand like a Wristband,
No have time fi serious Relations,
Cause she don’t want no Obligations,
Say she must attend to the Patrons,
Encores and Standing Ovations,
She no want see no kitchen and Apron,
Every day a new face new Fragrance,
She have more spots than Dalmatians,
If you go there then Congratulations,


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She said she’s an emotional Wreck,
And she don’t know what she a go do Yet,
Cause love is a gamble and she lose a Bet,
She say love give hair a scar that she can never Forget,
Coulda the car you a drive, Coulda the way you a Step,
From you get the number you know you Connect,
Only do it for the pleasure no care how Intimate,
When them a make love she just a bust a Sweat,
She say she love before and fraid fi love Again,
Serious thing no more keep it at Friend,
So anything she do is not Cheating,
Give thanks for the time with you she Spent,
She’s used to the Bar and she’s used to the Club,
She’s used to the Tile and she’s used to the Rug,
Used by the Simple and used by the Thug,
But she don’t want to get used to Love.

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