The Truth About Jamaica and Jamaicans

“how we were
made and why we are still not free”

excerpt of the explosive lecture presentation by master
amaru ka’re hosted at the Marcus Garvey museum in Kingston, organized by

finding the lies about our history and discover the truth about how the government and economy were setup to work against us:

the so-called TaΓ­no are fake Columbus was a mass-murdering thief the
“slave trade” was actually a race war Jamaican citizens are legally British
Christianity is a psychological weapon queen Elizabeth ii owns the government
of Jamaica
Jamaicans are neither “independent” nor free.

831 saw the largest slave uprising. It started with the enslaved people refusing to work. 
The strike was meant to be peaceful, with the aim of forcing the owners to pay the enslaved people to cut the cane so it would not spoil. Things soon escalated. 
Enslaved Africans burnt down houses and warehouses full of sugar cane, causing over a million pounds worth of damage. 
More than 200 plantations in the north of Jamaica were attacked as 20,000 enslaved people seized control of large chunks of land. 

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