Beenie Man Lecture On Peter Tosh Kick Off Belmont Black History Celebtrations

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Belmont Academy in Westmoreland kicked off its three-day black history celebrations on Friday with a panel discussion ‎on the importance of Black History Month and a lecture by dancehall artiste, Moses ‘Beenie Man’ Davis.

Panelist included Iyah V, a member of the Westmoreland Hemp and Ganja Farmers Association; Belmont community leader, Wolde Kristos; Daniela Woodbine, the deputy head girl of Belmont Academy; Shane Clarke and Lady Renae, both of Irie FM.

The discussion was centred ‎around the importance of the celebrations of black history as well as how to improve the methods of celebrations in order to engage more of the nation’s youth.

Beenie Man’s lecture, under the headline ‘Life and Work of a Home Grown Hero’, was centred on Peter Tosh, who grew up in the community of Belmont.

According to Beenie Man, Tosh’s 1976 hit Legalize it is now a catalyst for the now fervent calls for the legalization of marijuana in Jamaica. He also hailed Tosh as one of the icons of reggae music and attributed him with some of the most powerful and potent songs ever recorded.

The speech, which was carried live on Irie FM, attracted scores of students, visitors, community leaders an members.

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