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Sizzla Kalonji, has lashed out against several
dancehall artistes and selectors, for what he describes as their contribution
to the deterioration of the dancehall genre.
In the expletive filled rant, which has been dominating
social media sites, Sizzla blasts artistes Alkaline and Gage for their overly
sexual lyrics.
“Me find out say nuff tings a gwaan inna Jamaica and a
unuh, the fans, a support it. Unuh as selectors, me nuh want hear no Dung Inna
You Throat,” the deejay said in reference to the song from Gage. 
further stated; “You see Alkaline and di whole a unuh weh a try pollute
this, unuh need fi sing some other lyrics. A unuh madda unuh a dis round yah.
Me nuh care a which selector or which sound. Me a bad man and nuh
caan do me nutten.”
He went on to say that the lyrics which glorify threesomes
and oral sex were destroying our culture. He also urged artistes to “fix
the content of unuh lyrics”.
The rant, which was captured at the Hotshots event in Guys
Hill, St Catherine, also sees Sizzla attempting to “bun a fire” on
“Mek me bun a fire now. You see when the woman dem
bleach, after couple months unuh lose. Listen to me, unuh lose the elasticity
in a unuh skin. When unuh bleach, unuh bleach out the melanin, after couple
months unuh start look old before time. Stop the bleaching,” he

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