Jah Cure Signed Deal With VP Records

Jah Cure recently signed deal with VP Records.Jah Cure signed a two-album deal with VP that he hopes will be a fruitful one.

He explained that he was supposed to release his Ghetto Life album with VP many years ago, and that should have been his first album if someone did not release a compilation album before that time. He said he has always kept in contact with VP “even when I was down and out”. Now that they have signed a new agreement, Jah Cure said, “I think it was destiny. VP ago build me and me ago build dem. We just a team up and mek some things fulfill. It means a lot because I need to lift my brand and step up the ladder some more. I need a company behind me so the world can take us seriously.”

Interestingly, Jah Cure said this will be his seventh album, but officially the third one, as four of the other albums were compilations done by other persons. He, however, insists that he does not want his work to lose value by releasing too many projects.

“I don’t want to put out 20 albums and don’t have any plaques on my wall to show my kids,” he said during an interview at Big Yard Studio in St Andrew yesterday.

Jah Cure was also very pleased with persons like Llamar ‘Riff Raff’ Brown, Clive Hunt and Handel Tucker, who played a major part in the album. “These are the persons I chose to work with. I am trying to get the best that I know of and I am not trying to compromise on the product,” he said, adding that the album will be released in March.

And Jah Cure doesn’t plan to compromise on his very soulful style either. “A lot of persons are doing roots reggae, I am not going to jump in that same bucket,” he said, adding that he will release another song from the album before its launch. “I have some nice songs on that album.”

Upon release of the album, he said he will be travelling to places like Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Israel, New Caledonia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and parts of Africa where the album will be promoted heavily, “until I step into the US and Canada that is the biggest market,” he said.

Jah Cure said social media will also play a major role in the promotion of the album. And between the promotion of the album, Jah Cure said he will also be working on launching his Sicature Clothing line that will make leather belt and shoes.

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