Gully Bop says Claims Records watched him suffer in the gully for years

Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

Bop denies dissing his Record Label, says he suffered for years without their

nuh disrespectful to nobody and mi nah hype pop nobody”.

media buss mi a di world buss mi, nobody spent any money to buss mi. 
you are a producer and mi waah duh a tune fi yu and mi duh a tune fi yu, dat
does not mean you control me. If mi sing a one song for you how does that give
you control of me? Yu don’t have any pickney big like me. 

if mi wah go pon mi own mi go pon mi own.
just don’t like what a gwaan and mi don’t want no man flop mi career man. Mi
nah disrespect no man, but dem out of order. How dem fi talk bout dem mine mi
and mi show off?
 Mi nah hype pon nobody, just like one time wen
mi did inna di gully a fix the old dutty fan, nobody never used to mine or give
mi nuh food. 
was in the gully for years and no bwoy bought mi a pair a shoes enuh, no gyal
no bought mi a pair of shoes…nobody bought mi nothing.
somebody may come give mi a something wey dem wear and lef. More time water run
outa mi eye mi haffi just dry it up fast a nuh mek nobody see.only mi two dog
dem round a mi yard know wey mi did a feel”. Said a seemingly hurt Gully Bop.

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