The young versatile  24 year old  entertainer, Shavaun Alex Stewart, more popularly known as ‘Jinyus (Tha Great-S)’ was born September 12, 1990. Growing up in a family which loves music, he automatically became die hearted music lover from birth, doing his first stage performance in the third grade and began writing his own lyrics at age 11. He began recording at age 14 while attending Bridgeport High School where he became famous for popular youtube video “Bakk-A-Skool Wenzdez” along with creative song “Over 500 guns”, but did not release his first official mixtape titled ‘Konsepce’ until in 2008.
Jinyus , who was initially in the dancehall genre begun to  develop an appreciation for rap music, this partly owned to the fact that his favourite artiste is the well known Eminem. He began experimenting with rap in 2009 releasing his second mixtape titled ‘My world’ then, in 2010 he released a full rap mixtape he called ‘Behind Bars’,  ideally referring to music bars.

It was not until 2011 that Jinyus’ CAREER”” really began to boom; he released his fourth mixtape titled ‘JAMDUNG’ which is really an acronym for ‘Just Another Mixtape Dat Unleashes New Greatness’. In that same year he recorded the hit single  ‘Sun A Bun’ which became the anthem for the portmore’s radio station, SunCity Radio 104.9fm. The young dj met Bounty Killerin June of that same year after a performance which he favoured quite well, and in September 2011 Jinyus was  announced  to the public as a member of the growing APR (Alliance Portmore Regime). He performed with his mentor at many popular events such as: St. Catherine’s True Friends, St. Ann’s Curry Fest but stood his ground alone at Macka Diamond’s birthday party in Mandeville just to name a few along with Clarendon’s Raving in the Hills and other show which were done independently.

By January 2012 Jinyus  fan base began growing and he released his mixtape ‘World’s Great-S vol.1’, by which time he had officially curved his own style of  delivery which he says is a mixture of both dancehall and rap music. ‘World’s Great-S vol.2’ was debuted in august 08, 2012  with  popular songs such as: Kweng, and So Good .  He mentions that his two closest friends  Diestro and Dolla Koin are his main supporter in the industry but his fan are also on that list.

On November of  2012 the release of mixtape No.7 ‘World’s Great-S vol.3’ was proven to be very successful as it out did all previous mixtapes on the first day were downloads are concerned, and listening to reviews the mixtape got nothing but positive comments. Since then Jinyus has been constantly in and out the studio WORKING ON”” what he is calling the greatest Jinyus mixtape of all time ‘World’s Great-S vol.4’

World’s Great-S vol.4 was released on March 8th 2013, the controversial “Dancehall Secrets”, The humorous “Until Debt”, The incredibly fast “Jamaican Chopper”, various freestyles and official singles from Jinyus, each song with a different concept along with the well expect ed lyricism of Jinyus.

On January 14, 2014 released his first official digital album called “Portmore King EP”. Portmore King EP was released and available for SALE”” on all major music websites including iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Shazam and much more. The album features 13 tracks inclusive of 1 intro / skit.

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