Dancehall Artiste Gage Says He Revamped His Image

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Dancehall artiste Gage says he revamped his image

Dancehall artiste Gage says he revamped his image.

According to the artiste, who is now covered in tattoos and has bleached his
skin, persons assume that he is trying to look like his mentor Vybz Kartel,
however, he is simply being himself, though he is definitely inspired by the
incarcerated deejay. 

“Mi just get tired of the hair and decide sey mi a guh whol ‘a trim.
Dem sey mi a di dead stamp a Worl’ Boss, but mi nuh really business because
Vybz Kartel is a great artiste suh to me nothing nuh wrong wid dat,” he

The artiste said Tommy Lee Sparta and Alkaline are also influenced by Vybz
Kartel, however, the latter refuses to admit. 

“Some man just deny it, but whether some man want to deny it or believe
it a Vybz Kartel a run di place and all a wi influenced by him. That is Vybz
Kartel, give him his respect where respect is due,” Gage said. 

The deejay is also looking to take part in his debut clash at Sting this
year. He promised to battle any recording artiste brave enough to put up a

“I am ready for the clash, I don’t care who dem send to clash mi at
Sting, mi ready fi di war. Mi ready fi anyone a dem, tell Laing and Heavy D fi
send dem come. Mi wi clash all Laing and Heavy if a dat dem want,” he

“When December 26 come, someone will be crying and I know it won’t be
Gage. Tell Alkaline, Tommy Lee, Rhyme Minista, mi ready fi dem and anybody else
who want to clash mi. I am ready,” he said.

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