U.S Firm Partners With Jamaicans To Build A Medical Ganja Lab On Island

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Based in Colorado United Cannabis Corporation has team up with a group of
Jamaicans to establish a marijuana medical research lab in Jamaica.

The venture has already identified a 30,000 square-foot facility in
Kingston’s “industrial zone” to serve as the corporate headquarters for
the Jamaican firm, Cannabinoid Research and Development Company.

The Government has drafted legislation to amend the Dangerous Drugs Act
as it moves to establish medical ganja and industrial hemp industries. 

A lease has not yet been signed, but the firm will focus on “advancing
the use of cannabis in medical therapies through biomedical and
pharmaceutical research and development, within Jamaica”

Marijuana has actually been illegal in Jamaica since the 1961 United
Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. 

“The Jamaican government
has been hesitant to decriminalize marijuana until now for fear of
triggering hinted-at sanctions from Washington,” said a press statement
released by United Cannabis last week. 

“That pressure has diminished in
conjunction with the trend toward legalisation in the US.”

The company hopes to benefit from the variety of strains of ganja
available in Jamaica, where the tropical environment is good for
cultivating marijuana.

“Not only does United Cannabis bring an extensive knowledge of the
cannabis plant and its properties, but their ability to leverage
technology and incorporate systems within the breeding process will be
invaluable as we seek to pursue the vast opportunities here in Jamaica,”
said Mark Richardson, chief technology officer of CRD.

The US-based company was originally formed in California in 2007 as
MySkin, Inc, before merging into United Cannabis in Colorado in May.

Leading up to its change of name, and move to a home where marijuana use
has been legalised, the company sold its interest in its advanced skin
care business and shifted its business focus towards creating
partnerships for the purpose of cultivating cannabis-based products

“We plan to enter into licensing and consulting agreements with partners
who desire to license our entire turnkey seed-to-sale business model in
jurisdictions where it is legal to do so, and we plan to typically
receive a percentage of their gross revenues as our fee,” said a United
Cannabis’s latest quarterly financial statements. “In addition to
licensing our intellectual property, we will offer consulting on the
design and build out of cultivation facilities, we will provide training
and staffing services, and we will assist our partners in finding the
right locations for cultivation facilities.

“We will provide our genetic catalogue which includes over 15 CBD
strains, over 150 THC strains and over 30 Cannabis Cup winners.”

United Cannabis’s intellectual property covers whole plant activated
oils, smokable concentrates, infused products, topical lotions, pills,
and sublingual transdermal patches, among other products.

In March, the company raised US$900,000 from accredited investors in the US.

It hasn’t started to make revenue, but it spent close to US$600,000 on
its operations, including US$76,000 on research and US$74,000 on sales
and marketing, up to June 30.


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