Jamaica Spends 4Million to Send a man back to Trinidad. Why?

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Abu Bakr was sent back to Trinidad after Jamaican government and Church going Ministers pile on more Phobias Against Muslims, 
How many Muslims in Jamaica Parliament?
Security Minister Peter Bunting told Parliament this week that Abu Bakr was deemed a threat to Jamaica’s national security, and could radicalise Jamaicans if allowed to stay in the country.

Abu Bakr expressed surprise that the Jamaican government deemed his first visit here, as a clear and present danger and that he could radicalise individuals if he was taken into custody.

Abu Bakr also denies that he was being boisterous on the Caribbean Airlines flight which refused to transport him back to Trinidad, as claimed by the government.

He was later sent home on a chartered flight at a cost of $4 m.

Abu Bakr says he has a medical condition with is leg and that he requested being flown back on his own first class ticket.

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