Born on the 8th of May 1981 in rural St. Mary’s, one of Jamaica’s
poorest parish, Fabian Graham aka “Fabigeez” is determined to utilized
his god given talent to make a difference globally. With such great ego
from the get go, and influences of people around him, Geez was never shy
to deliver and let everyone know what he do best.

Being inspired by the
struggles he had been through in life, and the influences of his
favourite artists such as Beenie Man, Capleton, Chuck Fender, Bounty
Killa, Spragga Benz etc, at age 15 Geez was able to write his own music
that most people could relate to. With the great challenges that faces
society these days, and the urge to make a quick dollar, Geez is still
focusing on keeping his lyrical content clean and conscious to help in
the development of the future generations.

Travelling to several different cities in North America such as
Toronto, New York etc, listening to different genre of music,
contributes to his unique and creative style of lyrics. His first
airplay created waves in 2007 on radio stations based in Toronto, with
hit single “marijuana forever”. FabiGeez is currently working with many
different recording studios, networking with other artists, producers
and engineers worldwide to ensure his dreams a success.

Returning to Jamaica in 2009, Geez and his brother Tidal established a
record label company called Chronic Hill Records, which is currently
doing well. For Geez music never ends, and the diamond in the dirt is
like his voice to be heard.


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