Violence In Algeria

Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

A man went to hike in the mountains of Djurdjura in Algeria has been killed the 21.09.2014. This event also surprising and unexpected would
reveal a current presence of terrorist groups in Algeria and Kabylie
In addition to the sentence imposed on the
victim and her family, this removal is really bad for the image of the
Algeria which was committed as a result of his black decade, on a
priority basis to the fight against terrorism including in Libya and

Furthermore, this event could mean a new threat of
terrorist presence in Algeria, which the country doesn’t really need at
the moment. The armed group having taken this hiker hostage rest, for
the day, unknown but statements which are still blurry made on September
13 announced that he left Al Qaida in North Africa to join the Islamic


In this regard, the Algerian Foreign Affairs
Minister held a grind that this group was absolutely not deserving the
name of Islamic State and deplores the association of islam with
Yesterday, the french president François
Holland declared Hervé Gourdel’s death. We share this man’s entourage
pain during this tragedy and regret those groups which use a religion of
love to arm people and spread political messages.


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