Tommy Lee To Fix Dispute With U.I.M Producer

Tommy Lee Sparta and his management team are trying to repair their
relationship with production house UIM Records, the Sparta deejay accused
the record label of not releasing his songs, in a recently leaked
telephone recording. 

According to the deejay in a recent interview, the action of the person
was unnecessary since he did not wish for his views to be shared with
the world.  

“I was just venting around a member of UIM, letting him know that I
need my songs to go out and he recorded me. 

I think that was wrong
because we are one family and sometimes things are gonna go wrong,
because everybody is not perfect. We were just arguing to fix something. 

That is how Jamaicans are. It was not a voice note or anything. 

I was
saying they have a lot of songs in the studio and don’t want to let them

When I was in the accident, they didn’t let out my songs and you
know I have to keep my momentum. The first voice note (months ago when
he was allegedly crying) was fake, but this one is real. “They shouldn’t
have recorded the conversation in the first place. That is a childish
or girlish practice,”
Tommy Lee Sparta said in the interview on a UK website. 

Tommy Lee Sparta’s agent, Keona Williams, and she said Heavy D, Tommy Lee Sparta, and UIM are mending the damaged relationship. 

“We have come to a common ground and a mutual understanding, and
we are moving forward because it’s beneficial to both parties. We were
having a private conversation that should never have been recorded.
Tommy Lee has several hit records with UIM, because they have a good
working chemistry. UIM has Tommy Lee songs as far back as two years ago
that haven’t been released and we were just concerned, and that is
understandable given the competitiveness of dancehall music and the
relevance we want to maintain,”
she said. 

The deejay is looking to release an album in 2015, and recently won an award for his single Psycho at the recently concluded Hapilos awards. Psycho was also produced by UIM records.

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