Tyquan Obrain (aka ikon d link) was born in the rough down kirk district
of Kingston, jamaica, on April 10, 1990 . By the time he was ready for
school ,the toddler had already decided on a career as a entertainer. 

was not the only tot with dreams of the limelight as he’s older brother
was an artist. Growing up for Ikon was not so easy in down kirk, his
father died when he was 7 years old he later
moved from down kirk to live with his mother in Portmore St Catherine
where he attended the Breaton primary and junior high school. 

dropped out of school because his mother was financially challenged and
had to move to live in the county side of Manchester where his drive
for music grew even more throughout his struggles has his brother was
arrested for armed robbery, in which his brother was the only father he

Ikon moved back to Kingston living in a motel with his mother
where he met natasja the international recording artist which he started
writing songs for and performing on shows such has red stripe reggae
sunfest etc. Ikon and natasja started dating, couple years after natasja
met in a car accident and died when she was coming from a show in
Portmore with Ikon and her road manager who was driving the vehicle. 

After that Ikon moved to live in Ochi Rios where his job was selling
mixed cds. Ikon made a name for himself as an entertainer where he met
international recording artist Sean Kingston who took him to perform on
mtv super sweet sixteen, ochi seafood festival and coke zero concert. 

Things didn’t worked out has planned with sean Kingston so Ikon moved
back to Portmore, later that year Ikon brother died in his arms has he
took him to the hospital. 

Heartbroken Ikon was, but he still continue
making music and dancing. Ikon was also featured on the in the dance TV
show as a guess artist and dancer. 

He did commercial for local phone
company’s, guess proformer at suger minott day tribute. He is a true
talent a entertainer extraordinary as he would say Sean Kingston stated
on a video he posted on youtube.com that ikon is the best dancer out of
Kingston jamaica. 

One of nastaja chart topping single gonja gum was
written by ikon at age 16. he’s first single ‘tag’ was produced by river
Jordan, son of jack radics, jack radics stated that the young man was
fill with talent. Ikon just finish his 1st video ungrateful baby mother u
can check out ikon on twitter @ikontyquan youtube.com Ikon d link
instagram @ikondlink ikondlinkbookings@gmail.com

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