Vybz Kartel aka Addi Innocent – Bars From Behind Bars | Jugglerz Dancehall Mix Vol. V [2014]

Vybz Kartel aka Addi Innocent, Dancehall’s biggest star, is imprisoned for
35 years for murder and is in jail since September 2011 – yet still he
has a bigger output than any other dancehall artiste. 
His tunes rule
every dance, are being played in every taxi in Jamaica and get the
biggest forwards. His family refers to a stock of more than 600
unreleased songs.
Both ways elevate the artiste Vybz Kartel
into the super-human: 600 recorded but unreleased songs, among them many
serious hits and unique epoques of stlyes and flows augment the works
of any other artist.
Or material recorded in prison, with the
devastating background of a lifetime sentence, singing about sex, party
and life itself show an incredible strong mental spirit of the
Jugglerz Sound Dancehall Mixes Vol 5 “Vybz Kartel aka
Addi Innocent – Bars From Behind Bars” compiles the songs of the summer
2014 by Vybz Kartel aka Addi Innocent in a mix that proves the
incredible musical talent of the convicted Adidja Palmer.


01. Do Di Maths (Wah Do You)
02. Credit Alone Done
03. Gal A Get More
04. Mamacita feat. J Capri
05. Show Me Your Motion
06. Pretty Position
07. Pretty Gal Wine
08. Rambo Kanambo
09. Blackberry
10. Nuh Play Roun Wid Fyah
11. Downtown Kingston
12. Money Can’t Buy Friends
13. Me Mek Yuh Feel Sure
14. Pussy To The Test
15. Yellow Yellow Ft Rvssian
16. We Have It Lock
17. Make Di Star Shine
18. Pretty Face
19. Early Morning
20. Mama
21. Without Money
22. Hi! [Jugglerz Edit]
23. My Love My Love
24. Bubble Up Yuh Body feat. Keshan
25. Mirror
26. Tun Back Way
27. Happy Pum Pum
28. Guest House
29. Can’t Call This A Love Song
30. Crashing Head On
31. Miami Vice Episode
32. Servant
33. Life Me Say
34. Cya Test We
35. Bulletproof feat. Shabba Ranks
36. Wah Di Duck Get
37. Road To Paradise

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