Protest for Mario Deane in New York

The Mario Deane protest outside the Jamaican Consulate in New York, USA on (August 27)  has been hailed a success.

The lawyer representing the Deane family, Miguel Lorne who is in New
York says a petition was presented to the Jamaican Consul with over
3,000 online signatures.

He says roughly 100 persons bearing
placards stood in the centre of Manhattan crying for justice. Mr Lorne
says he believes the point was made that the Jamaican government must
change course in relation to the rights and protection of persons in
police custody.

Mr Lorne says today’s protest will place the
international spotlight on the Mario Deane situation, highlighting
several ills of Jamaicaโ€™s justice system.These include treatment of
persons in police lock ups and also of persons arrested for ganja.

Mario Deane was severely beaten while in custody at the Barnett Street police lock-up in St James jamaica,
after being arrested for having a โ€˜ganja spliffโ€™ and then denied
bail. He died after being hospitalised for three days in an unconscious

Six police officers have been interdicted and suspended,
while two inmates have been charged with murder as the probe into
Deane’s death continues.

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