‘Kentucky Kid’ Murder Verdict

Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

Three Police Officers and two civilians are to be charged for the murder of entertainer
Robert ‘Kentucky Kid‘ Hill.

The law men have been identified as Special Corporal Uriel Anderson, Constable
Gary Thomas and Special Constable Norval Warren.

The two civilians Marvia Morgan and Donovan Brown, will also be slapped with
similar charges.

Charges are to be laid against the five following a ruling by a jury at the
Kingston and St Andrew Coroner’s Court on Tuesday in the inquest into the death
of Hill, who was shot and killed in what the police said was a shoot-out when
they went in search of him at his Ivy Green Mews home in December 2009.

ruling, presiding Coroner Patrick Murphy ordered that warrants be issued for
the arrest of the five all of whom were absent at the time of the verdict.

Before his death, Hill made several complaints to a number of bodies,
including the Police Public Complaints Authority (PPCA) and Jamaicans ForJustice (JFJ) concerning incidents between himself and the police, expressing
fear for his life and the safety of his family.

Hill had also recorded and released a number of videos on the Internet
detailing his allegations of abuse at the hands of the police.

He also posted video showing police officers
ill-treating him and his then pregnant wife at their Kingston home. In the
recordings, Hill pleaded for help and claimed that elements within the
constabulary were conspiring to intimidate him in order to get him to cease
pursuing complaints against the police arising from a motor vehicle accident in
Spanish Town, St Catherine, on July 11, 2009.

The jury ruled that the three police officers and two civilians should be
charged with murder, bringing to end one phase of the more than four-year-long
battle for justice by Hill’s relatives.

The organisation is heartened by INDECOM’s work in this matter,” a
release from JFJ said.

The lobby group, however, lamented the long time it took for the inquest to
be completed and called for the criminal case to be expedited in the interest
of justice.

“JFJ notes that it took the state apparatus more than four years and
eight months to arrive at a decision to charge persons in relation to Mr Hill’s

This matter will now proceed to the Circuit Court for trial. JFJ calls
for a thorough and expeditious prosecution of the matter. This would represent
another step in the arduous quest for justice for the family of Mr Hill. 

this ruling is welcome news, we remind the State that justice delayed is
justice denied,” the release stated


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