Canadian Producer Exposed G.N.G Group

Days after we broke the story of the Music Group GNG
scamming off people by using Vybz Kartel name and the Gaza brand.

GNG is accused of splicing Vybz Kartel voice in a song which featured GNG artist
Nana Ice.

Keron Williams internet radio host and music producer who was scammed by the group
interviewed Tanisha “Shorty” Johnson to find out what is the real
truth. Before earlier on the program, Keron also interviewed Sikkka Rymes and
his manager Gary Tolan to clear the air.

Gary Tolan


Let it be
known from the management of the Sikk Team. We the Sikk Team have no
affiliation with any other label, group, or brand. I Gary Tolan alongside Sikka
Rymes has done a radio interview to clarify such situation is false about any
members being part of any other label or group.

We now
planned to continue our regular settings of doing music as a young group which
we are now fully getting established in the music. There’s no feud or any
rivalry at this here current time and there will not be any either in the near
One key
note to be highlight and that is; we are not here to fight anyone else battles
and again we don’t intend to get involved in anyone else’s feud neither. So
after today on this here date August 04, 2014 we don’t want to get caught up in
any miscellaneous or frivolous arguments that have nothing to do with us
overall. We have cleared the air on our situation that has been going on with
such entity for the past few weeks and now we plan to move on to our venture
and continue working towards our major goals.

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