Akeem Garrison BIOGRAPHY

Irina Mossi Love Detective

born on September 7, 1992 grew up in the tough inner-city community of
Arnett Gardens (Trench Town). He was a student of Trench Town High School,
Akeem main focus and love has always been music – it is his passion, his goal,
his dream and his food. 
Thou  faced tough
times growing up in Trench Town he maintained a positive outlook on life and
words of hope and inspiration for all Ghetto Youths and those who are
struggling to make it in life. Notwithstanding, he also express and show his
smooth emotions side with singles such as “love is meant, why my people crying
and tell dem gweh” a mixture of lovers rock.

conscious young star has a melodious voice and sound that makes all music
lovers want to listen and move to every beat of his tune. Akeem Garrison music
focus and self-conscious and believes that every star has their time to shine
and he also believes success is imminent. 
Akeem Garrison is a humble youth who
has decided to bring positivity to the dancehall which he feels sometime does
not get the audience it deserved. He is optimistic about the future and
direction of is career. He believes he has that new fresh sound that Jamaica
and the world to hear.
twenty (21) year old is motivated by the career of the great Bob Marley, who
everyone knows and associated with Trench Town (the community Akeem) the same
community Bob Marley Haile from. Akeem Garrison listens to all artistes and
would work with any artistes in the Music Industry. He currently has several
singles which includes:
Tell den gweh

Why my people crying

Love is meant to be
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