Support Independent acts – Track Starr Music Group Is A Production Label Est. By 3 Talented Musicians

Short Summary

Track Starr Music Group (T.S.M.G), is
an independent music production and film company based in New York.
T.S.M.G consist of three talented musicians/artiste and a business
entrepreneur. T.S.M.G was formed out of the love of making “Feel Good”
music and presenting a diverse content to the world. See website for
more information: 

  • Track Starr – Producer/Artiste (half of duo “DemIslandBoyz”)
  • Chillz – talented Hip Hop artiste (other half of duo “DemIslandBoyz”)
  • Haskell -Singer
  • Asher – Entrepreneur, proprietor of AshLuv Clothing
  • For over ten years we have been making music, perfecting our craft
    and garnering immense industry knowledge. Now the time has come for us
    to apply this experience and enter the music industry through the
    promotion of our debut single titled “Aint My Fault” available here:
  • This campaign is about raising funds to successfully promote our
    debut single “Aint My Fault” which will ultimately launch our record
  • Imagine emerging superstars like: Big Sean, J Cole, K
    Camp, Trey Songs.. Imagine if you could have had an hand in their
    success prior to their big break.. Well, this is your chance to be
    involved in a campaign that could launch the next big star in music!
    Every dollar counts… 

Most modern musicians/artiste who influence todays pop culture is
backed by a major record company who spends millions of dollars
developing their work, image, awareness etc. However, prior to that they
had to spend thousands of dollars of their own money and/or that of
investors, to launch their career.  

What We Need & What You Get

put, we have the finished product! So the next question is what do we
need and what do you get in return… ?  100% of the funds earned will
be invested in internet marketing, song distribution, mixtape hosting
fees, publicist fees for 3months etc..

  • Cyber Publicist $750-$2,000 per month
  • Mixtape hosting/Song Distribution/Email Blasting $800-2500
  • Social Network advertising $450-$1500
  • other online promotion $300-1000
It might seem like much, however, this is a humble start. Most
major labels spend millions to promote their product. We have researched
and planned a campaign that could create enough buzz to break a song.
All we need is enough funds to kickstart a campaign and sustain it.
  • We might not be able to pay you back directly, but we can sure show
    our appreciation. T.S.M.G. and our affiliate AshLuv Clothing are willing
    to give you exclusive songs, videos albums, clothing etc. *see PS at
    bottom for details* 
  • Some might say, why not ask for more than
    5k? We’ve decided that this amount is a fair gesture, which should be
    manageable to achieve. However, if we should fall short of this goal; we
    will reassess our budget and apply the funds as best as possible to
    ensure that our campaign is successful. Starting with the most
    important, distribution and social network promotion.                    

The Impact

We’ve spent many years owning our
talent and perfecting our art. Thus far, we’ve spent thousands of
dollars of our hard earned cash to produce, market and develop our this
product. However, a record can take hundreds of thousand dollars worth
of investment to become popular.  To this extent we have exhausted our
small amount of resources; hence the reason why we decided to approach
the wider public:

  • Every mass-media outlet is inadvertently (or intentionally)
    broadcasting the same content. People like diversity, hence, we believe
    there is a niche market for our music. It is fresh, energetic,
    internationally acceptable and is up to industry standards
  • This
    is the first time we are attempting a project of this nature. Our
    previous fund raisers have been successful concert and party stagings.
    We are new to this.. Yuuuuup! We know. But we are committed to the music
    and we’re ready to go that extra mile to achieve success

Risks & Challenges

Promoting a song is not
an easy task, however, promoting a song for an unknown artiste is an
even harder challenge. We are aware of the fact that people might not be
receptive to our music. But for every song created by every artiste
there is a niche market where there is is a demand for their product.

  • T.S.M.G has a committed team of entrepreneurs with background in
    various faculties ranging from/but not limited to: Marketing, Quality
    Assurance, Production, Graphic designing, Videography and photography
  • Every product requires some amount of advertising and a
    medium for distribution. Our product is good music; in order to get our
    music to the masses we require advertising and publicity.
  • Our team lack certain vital industry links. As such, we plan on
    acquiring the services of a 3rd party distribution companies, Online
    Publicist and A&R consultants who will promote, distribute and
    screen our products to ensure mass appeal. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute financially. Ok, We understand.. But that doesn’t mean they can’t help:

  • Lets make some noise about this campaign!
  • Can’t contribute
    financially? No worries! You can help us spread the word by sharing our
    campaign. Simply use the Indiegogo share tools.
  • Each one, reach one.. 

*PS: All songs, videos, albums, clothing that
require local and overseas shipping will be facilitated where the
intended recipient agree to cover the shipping and handling expenses.
All media content listed as “perks” will be made available in digital
form to be accessed free of charge where applicable.

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