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A major miscommunication with members of QQ management team, the
dancehall artiste will not be performing at this year’s staging of
Reggae Sumfest 2014. 

QQ, who given name is Kareem Dawkins, said in a media release that
negotiations were not finalised and an overseas opportunity presented
itself, hence the reason for his absence from the Sumfest line-up this

However, Summerfest Productions boss, Johnny Gourzong,confirmed that the artiste was withdrawn from the line-up and sought to shed some light on the issue.

Johnny Gourzong said, “We would not go to his management team, we went to his
booking agent and have in our possession a signed and duly executed
contract with QQ. We were told recently that the fee was agreed and
signed on. QQ was not pleased .we paid a deposit and our budget could
not allow us to go anymore, and he said that he is not going to work
for that amount, and we weren’t offering anymore than that so we had to
take him off.”

Gourzong added, “I
think he is a good artiste, but I don’t think it’s gonna affect the show
… We have gone and filled the gap.” 

QQ catalogue including One Drop, Stookie, Mosquito Net and Jack Hammer, which is featured on VP Records’ Reggae Gold 2014 series. 

Fans can follow QQ on social media on Instagram/twitter @qqworld and facebook.com/qquniverse.

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