Prosecutor Says Rev Miller Refused To Stop The Car With Dudus Inside

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The Prosecution in the case against Mr. Al Miller alleged that on several occasions, the Pastor of Fellowship Tabernacle in Kingston, Reverend Al Miller,
ignored police attempts to stop his vehicle while in the company of “Dudus”, four years ago.

Miller is charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice,
after then fugitive Christopher “Dudus” Coke was found in his motor
vehicle, along the Mandela Highway in St. Catherine in June 2010.

Prosecutors say in June 2010, Miller’s Toyota Rav 4 Sports Utility
Vehicle (SUV) was traveling with a Subaru Impreza motorcar and both
were signaled to stop near the Spanish Town entrance to Highway 2000.

both vehicles complied and came to a stop before the driver of the
SUV suddenly pulled from behind the Subaru and continued toward the toll

It is alleged that the police gave chase and again pulled over both vehicles.

when police approached the SUV the driver rolled down his window and
identified himself as ‘Al Miller’ before driving around the police cars
that were blocking his path.

According to prosecutors, the police used their service vehicle to force the SUV to come to a stop a short time later.

It is alleged that Miller and a passenger, identified as Coke, emerged from the vehicle.

Prosecutors also allege that after Coke was taken from Miller’s
vehicle, the clergyman was instructed to go the Portmore Police station
in St. Catherine, but he did not show up.

The court also heard that outgoing Police Commissioner Owen Ellington and his
former Deputy Jevene Bent will not voluntarily cooperate with defense

Yesterday, the magistrate presiding over the court case
insisted that Mr. Ellington and Ms. Bent attend court today to
facilitate the trial.

The trial was expected to begin yesterday, but was put off until to allow for Mr. Ellington and Ms. Bent to attend court.

Attorney-at-law Christopher Honeywell, who represents Mr. Ellington,
said as the person who initiated the charges against Miller, the
soon-to-be-retired Commissioner, believes “he would be compromised if he
attends voluntarily as a witness for the defence.”

Honeywell told the court that if the defence wants his client as a hostile witness, he will attend.

Miller’s attorney, Jacqueline Samuels-Brown, however, insisted that she intends to call Mr. Ellington as a witness.

Meanwhile, Ms. Bent’s attorney, Charles Williams made it clear that his client will not be cooperating.

Williams told the court that Ms. Bent will not be giving any statement and she will not be subjected to any interview.

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