Police Lock Down Fake Clarks Shoe Factory

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Members from the Organised Crime Investigation Division (OCID) yesterday seized. several items from an illegal shoe production plan.

The raid come in direct relation to calls from stakeholders
worldwide for more action in combating counterfeit products, the police

The Intellectual Property (A-TIP-IP) vice squad went to a building in
East Queen’s Street downtown Kingston where several pairs of various models of fake Clarks
were found in various stages of production; they were being manufactured
for the local and export market. 

Nine people were taken into custody in connection with the discovery, The items seized are several pairs of fake Clarks shoes, screen print material, stamper (Clarks brand) and a grinding machine.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Carl Berry noted that the individuals
are not only being prosecuted for breaches of the Copyright and
Trademarks Act but investigations will also be centered around the
Proceeds of Crimes Act (POCA). 


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