http://www.worldmagazinejam.com/2014/07/owen-ellington-police-commissioner.htmlCommissioner of Police, Owen Ellington has tendered a letter of
retirement to Minister of National Security Peter Bunting and the Police
Service Commission. 

Commissioner Ellington has mention that his decision to retire is
based on the need to separate himself from the leadership and management
of the Force prior to the commencement of the upcoming Commission of
Enquiry into the conduct of the Operations of the Security Forces in
Western Kingston and other areas during the limited State of Emergency
in 2010.

It will allow the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, to
conduct its investigation into allegations of police-involved killings
in the Clarendon Division (some of which occurred during his tenure)
without any perception of influence or interference on his part.he addded.

He took over the reins of the police force in November 2009 following the
departure of former head of the Jamaica Defence Force – Rear Admiral
Hardley Lewin.

Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of the Operations portfolio,
Glenmore Hinds will act as Commissioner until a replacement for
Ellington is found.

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