Markus Myrie Son Of Buju’s Banton Warns Against Scammers

Dancehall producer Markus Myrie, son of convicted dancehalll star Buju Banton, is informing the public to ignore anybody who claims to be a representative of Markus Records seeking money to assist with the payment of Buju Banton’s legal fees.  

producer said, he is not trying to raise funds in aid of his
father, and anyone soliciting money on such terms is nothing more than
an imposter. 

“It has recently reached me that there are imposters who are pretending
to be me and are claiming that they are seeking funds to help my father.
I want to tell Jamaica and the rest of the world that this is the
farthest thing from the truth,” Markus said in the release.

“You have some very unscrupulous individuals out there who are trying
to tarnish my reputation, but I will not have it. These imposters are
calling around entertainers and other media personnel saying that they
are Markus and are collecting money.” 

I am asking the public to be very careful about who they hand over
their hard-earned money to. Under no circumstances should you give any
money to anyone who claims that they are representatives of Buju Banton.
Neither my father nor I have given that right to anyone to collect
money on his behalf,” he added. 

Buju Banton who is currently serving a ten year sentence in a Florida prison yesterday celebrates his 41st birthday. 

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