Majah Hype

Hello I go by the name of Nigel aka Majah Hype I discovered my talents
at  the age of five. While most kids were outside playing football &
others sports I was deep into reading music and studying my gift. My
grandfather Sydney “Syd Joe” Joseph was a Genius & took his Craft
seriously. He had a band and played most woodwind instruments, he was
also one of the founders of the labor day parade that we enjoy today.

The day that I played in my grand fathers band at the age of eight I knew
that I always wanted to do something that was entertaining to
In his teenage years he began to dj for sound systems he also ventured into a singing
career. He has worked with artist such as Tarrus Riley, Gyptian, Ricky
blaze & many more. Majah hype is now a name that is recognized in
the tristate areas & Abroad such as the far East corners of Japan to
the Historic sights of Europe and also the Caribbean. being the
cheerful funny but humble character that he has always been he has began
to launch his Comedy career which has been sturing up a buzz on the
social media networks such as instagram, Facebook, twitter, and youtube.
This multi talented man has created 7 characters all of that he plays
in his skits “something like a soap opera” colin, di rass, sheldon,
manjahdo, Terrence, hainsley, everton, and more, all of different
cultures & backgrounds which i might say is sort of Genius to bring
all these together as one


upcoming projects

hype is Currently working on his latest music project which is a mix
tape set to be released with at least twenty five tracks of diverse
music from r&b to dancehall to reggae & pop. It has been said
that about 85% of the Production on this Project will be orchestrated
and arranged by Majah hype.He is also preparing to shoot his movie that
he has written the script for. It’s going to feature the characters
that you may know from his instagram page. We should be expecting this
movie to be publicly released and on this website this coming fall as
early as November.

Until then you can continue to follow him on Facebook, instagram, twitter, and youtube and don’t forget to check in
right here for the latest updates on Majah hype’s journey to success……


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