Jesse Royle Biography

When Jesse Royal was only a cub, the Lord revealed to his mother that
she would have to release one of her sons to the world, proclaiming “he
will be a psalmist, declaring righteousness and justice throughout
creation.” As Jesse matured into a young lion, his mother observed in
him a strong sense of integrity and a natural ability to positively
affect those around him. But, it was his deep spirituality,
passion for life and unique connection to music that would convince her
that he was being molded to be used by the Creator.

David Leroi Grey, aka Jesse Royal, was born April 29, 1989. He enjoyed
his early years in the hills of Maroon Town and the District of Orange
in St. James before moving in the late 90’s with his mother and brother
to join his father in Kingston. As fate would have it, Royal developed a
special relationship with Daniel ‘Bambaata’ Marley (son of Ziggy
Marley) at school. His friendship with Daniel proved to be fuel to the
fire as they shared a deep passion for music and football. Their
friendship evolved as they spent a great part of their childhood
together. Soon the natural inclination confirmed they were simply
brothers with different mothers. As these cubs became lions so grew
their devotion to music. With the help of longtime friend Curt ‘Qban’
White they began composing and creating their own music. And together
they proceeded to fulfill what they knew was a predestined musical
journey, designed to inspire, engage and unite people beyond all
geographic borders.

After Jesse returned home from schooling
abroad, he reestablished a relationship with high school friend and
young producer Kareem ‘Remus’ Burrell (son of Philip ‘Fatis’ Burrell).
They began creating and composing music together also, which developed
into a Movement as they shared similar views on the social state of

Blessed with a voice that captures the pain and
hunger of a ‘downtrodden’ people; Royal’s militant character and
profound lyricism caught the heart of heralded reggae producer, Philip
‘Fatis’ Burrell. Fatis Burrell, affectionately called ‘Father’ had a
great and pure impact on the ‘old soul’ of Jesse; as he credits him as
an invaluable inspiration and one of the most influential individuals
that he has ever encountered.

Working with musicians such as
Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Donald Dennis, Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith and
Monty Savory; Jesse is currently in the studio putting the final touches
on his debut album with producer Kareem Burrell of the XTM.Nation.
Jesse Royal also recently released his debut mixtape dubbed ‘Misheni’,
which means ‘The Mission’ in Swahili.

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